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SilverLeaf Web Design was started in 2010 by Dave Nielsen of Salt Lake City, Utah

Over the last few years the understanding of what a website is supposed to be and do has become obvious. Have you noticed websites that just sit there and do nothing, no traffic, no leads and no sales.

You have to ask yourselves, why am I paying for this Internet stuff if it isn't doing me any good.

Specializing in Search Engine Optimization, Pay Per Click Search Engine Marketing, Social Media Marketing and Email Marketing. It all boils down to "Lead Generation" which is our mutual goal.

More leads means more sales resulting in a better Return on Investment (ROI) for you and your Company.

You work with us one on one and with our experience together we'll put up a beautiful website that you can count on to bring you not only new business but repeat customers over and over again...

Dave Nielsen


Our Services

Website Design

You and your company come first with our Website Design, you work directly with me every step of the way.
You get what you want through good communication and desire. You let me know everything you can about your Company and its products and services.
Our goal is Lead Generation and Sell More from the very beginning of the process.


Search Engine Optimization is so very important. If the search engines cannot read your website, how are they going to know where to "List" or "Index" you.
We make sure your website gives the search engines what they want, it's really not that hard once you know how.
Your website will rank very well just building it right, with our magic we're able to achieve high rankings.


PPC is your road to success. We love it around here and so will you when your Company hits a new level. You have complete control of your future when Pay Per Click advertising is implemented the right way.
We "Test" everything you can imagine. We optimize for "Conversions". Once we find a winning combination we "Scale" up and the sky is the limit. With PPC, YOU'RE in control and seeing the benefits.

Social Media Marketing

Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, YouTube and the list goes on. Reason these sites are so important is there's a TON of website traffic to be had.
We do the "Research" and find out where your potential customers are hanging out. Once you know we then Target them and bring them to your website.
We're sticklers for proper research, it's what makes you money!

A Few Of Our Websites

Moosenutz Fine Snacks
Guardian Soft Water
Studio Graphics Design
New Hope House Ride
Martelz Exotic Woods
Discount Flooring Liquidators
Client Testimonials
Lead Generation is Our Main Focus
It does not matter if you need leads for a service, product sales or just a brochure website, we build websites from the beginning with the end game in mind. We get to know you and your company, then comes the research...and it doesn't stop there...
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