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You Don't Need To Spend A Ton Of Money On A Big Expensive Fancy Website! Instead, Let's Generate "Quality Buyer Leads" Creating YOU A Steady Cash Flow On A Daily Bases!

Have A Sales Funnels Built Instead Of A Stagnate Website, Cash Flow is KING!

Sales Funnel07/21/2014

Are you ready to have your website generate fresh quality “Buyer” leads on a daily bases? Are you ready for your website to finally do you and your company some good? Can you handle your website having a place in your business you can count on for new money and customer acquisition?

A business with no leads coming in daily is going to go bankrupt! Without fresh leads to your company on a daily bases your cash flow is dead! Without a positive cash flow you can not pay your bills, expand your business, advertise your product or services, hire more employes, etc. According to “Bloomberg” 8 out of 10 entrepreneurs who start businesses fail within the first 18 months. A whopping 80% crash and burn.

Have A  Custom Sales Funnels Created and Tailored To Your Company

Everyday you wait to create a sales funnel that produces buyer leads and cash flow on a daily bases is costing you big time. Overtime it can and will destroy your company. Unless your rich or have access to unlimited cash you will run out and close up sooner then anyone can imagine. Customer acquisition and nurturing should be your number one goal and task each and everyday!

But what is the solution? Just about every website designer out there tell you you need a website, a big beautiful and expensive website! “If you build it they will come”, “LOL”.  First they charge you a ton of money then they hit you for “website hosting” and charge you monthly locking you in. After all you don’t want to lose your big fancy expensive website you just paid for! Problem is customers don’t just “come” to a website because you “build” it!

Website Visitors Do Not Just “Come” When Your Build a Website!

That’s why here at SilverLeaf Web Design we have a different “system” for you that will solve your cash flow and customer accusation problem! After a substantial investment and four years developing and testing a complete solution that delivers as promised. A “simple” sales funnel with a lead capture page, a sales page, a relationship creating email marketing campaign and a thank you page is all you need. This is a “Proven” system we set up designed specifically for your company to bring you fresh “buyer” leads on a daily bases!

It’s so effective because it’s “Simple”! We can have your sales funnel set up and producing leads for you in most cases, in less then a week. No waiting 6 months to rank on Google or any of the other gimmick some website or marketing companies might be telling you. Instead of spending a fortune on a fancy website build, focus on what’s important, leads that turn into cash flow and lifetime customers!

A Custom Designed And Tested Sales Funnel Creates Steady Customers Every Time

Lead Generation Sales FunnelOur sales funnels are designed and tailored from the start to your company and the products and services you provide. We start with a “landing page”. The sole purpose of a landing page is to capture your prospects contact information. Once we have this information we then can market through email as much as we want to. You build a relationship with your customer and the results are “More Paying Customers”.

We then send your prospect directly to your sales page where they can either buy your products, services, set an appointment or whatever the goal happens to be. If they don’t convert we still have the opportunity to market to them through email and build a relationship with them. Our sales funnel system works, and it works every time!

Here Is An Example Sales Funnel

Sales Funnel Mind Map

Sales Funnel Benefits

  • You Capture Your Prospect Contact Information!
  • That Enables You to Market To Your Prospect Over Time!
  • Then You Build a Relationship With Your Prospect!!
  • This Establishes Your Authority In Your Market!
  • And Creates an Immediate Cash Flow for YOU!
  • It Also Turns Your Prospects into Life Time Customers!

What Are Our Customers Saying?

Jeff Smith Testimonial
Michael Homles Testimonial

How It Works

All companies are different and have different needs. This makes it hard to put a figure on our website for you. In order for us to start generating leads for you and your company I’ll need some information. I have a questionnaire for you to fill out so I can put together a proposal for you.  There is absolutely no obligation what so ever.

What to Except

Don’t except to spend very much money, there’s have a small set up fee and that’s it. Really, the only thing you pay for with us is a customer sitting in your office with you or walking in your store! We set goals and test, test test…We simply “Get You Customers”!


What you Get Back From Us After You Fill Out Our Questionnaire

  • FREE Market Research, We Send You Back a Complete Customer Avatar!
  • Who is Your Perfect Customer, Your TARGET Market!
  • Where Are Your Potential Customers Hanging Out So We Can Target Them With Your Ads
  • Who Are Your Potential Customers?
  • Age, Gender, Income, Married or Not, Have Kids, Education, Likes, Dislikes, etc…
  • A Complete Market Analise So You Know What and Who Your Target Market Is!

Total estimated value of the “Free Market Research is $500.00″.

Yours free today so simply fill out the form below and we’ll go to work immediately!

Marketing companies charge $500.00 to a $1000.00 for Market Research. We do not, the research is two-fold. It will tell you who you should be targeting and how good your market is. On the other side of the coin is it tells us wither or not we can help you! We are an honest company and we will be up-front with you wither or not we can generate buyer leads for you! I challenge you to find not only the free market research but the honesty anywhere else!! We Will Not Take Your Money If We Cannot Help!

We Guarantee Our Systems

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