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We specialize in working with small to medium sized business needing a web presence and/or proper placement on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in and other social media sites.

As a Salt Lake City Website Design service, We specialize in assisting your business find a successful marketing niche in cyberspace.  Salt Lake City Web Design has become more important today than ever before and ranking with the various search engines is a must.  In today’s market, a web page and access to social media is essential for you to compete.

Video Marketing and good solid SEO (search engine optimization) will get you to the top of the search engines and result in more customers for your business. When we build your website or redo a website we make sure your on-page SEO is done right the first time. Knowing what keywords to optimize the website for is essential from the beginning. We at SilverLeaf Web Design have a proven system that works every time we implement it. Our system involves working together with you in a timely manner to accomplish our goals. So be ready to do some work and see some results from our combined efforts.

It’s very important to have the basic Marketing Principles in place on your website. If you’ll look closely you will find these in place. Look for a “Headline” , the Phone Number everywhere. some Bullet Points, a nice Header, your Company Logo, some good Sales Copy, Written Testimonials and Video Testimonials, a Contact Form and to say the least a strong Call to Action.

We Implement Basic Marketing Principals

Basic Marketing Principles

Check out

Once we implement this website structure we then start a marketing campaign on the Internet. This gets the search engines (Google) to notice us. When we keep doing this month after month you will see your website climb from nothing to the first page of Google in no time flat. This has worked every time have done this and this WILL get your phone to ring.

Here is a screen shot of the website above (Guardian Water Softeners), look closely at the rankings, Green is improvement, Black is no change and Red is the when the rank slides a little. If you will notice every keyword we have gone after with the exception of 4 or5 are on the first page of Google, Yahoo and MSN. Look at all the number 1 positions. With these kind of results we not only know where some improvement is needed, we know your phone will ring with new customers. Whats nice about the SEO report below is the fact it does not show the videos rankings, there everywhere on the big three search engines. This is a graph of just the website!

Guardian Water SoftenerClick on the link to see



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Salt Lake City Web Design and marketing is different for each enterprise. Make sure to pick up the phone and call us NOW!

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